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QUESTION: I recently moved to Johnson County to live near my son and his family. I was told that the Johnson County Area Agency on Aging (AAA) had services that might help me live independently as I age. Can you explain the role and service structure of the AAA, how it evolved, and how it fits into its larger department, called Human Services?

April 2013
QUESTION: In-home services provided by the Johnson County Area Agency on Aging (AAA) through the Senior Care Act, and the Nutrition Program, have been so valuable in helping my mom remain independent in her home. I am concerned, during these difficult budgetary times, that such critical services for her and others continue to be provided through appropriate funding at the state level. How are the AAAs throughout the state advocating for these important services? What policy platform has been strategized to help sustain this delivery system? February 2013

QUESTION: I live out of state, but I have an elderly aunt who lives independently in Johnson County. I worry about her safety and welfare, especially during the winter. Do you have suggestions about how to protect seniors during cold weather months?

January 2013
QUESTION: I know that the Johnson County Commission on Aging (COA) hosted state legislators in September and October for informal discussions about state issues, advocacy, and other topics of interest to older adults. Would you share some of the key issues that were highlighted? November 2012

QUESTION: An elderly friend receives assistance through Medicaid Home and Community Based Services. Could you update me about how the care management of her in-home support is going to transition as part of KanCare?

October 2012
QUESTION: A friend told me that Medicare provides some free preventive services. She said the services are supposed to prevent illness or detect illness at an early stage, and the benefits were enhanced by the new health care law. Can you help me understand what benefits are available to me and where to get more information? September 2012

QUESTION: My uncle may need a nursing home, but I know very little about the level of care these facilities provide, who licenses and regulates them, and the admission process. I was also told that he will need a "CARE" assessment.

July 2012
QUESTION: In these tough economic times, I know a number of seniors who are coming up short at the end of the month or in an emergency. Do you know of any programs that can help?
June 2012

QUESTION: I have been seeing newspaper articles about the proposed Medicaid changes in Kansas, ultimately resulting in a major shift in the way Medicaid clients will be served. I think the new system will be called "KanCare."

I understand that under the new system, private companies are being asked to bid for contracts to provide managed care for some Medicaid recipients. What position is the Johnson County Commission on Aging (COA) taking toward this proposed change?

May 2012
QUESTION: Health issues necessitated that my husband enter a nursing home in Johnson County. We are concerned about having the funds to cover the cost of a skilled nursing facility while still having sufficient resources for me to remain in our home of 51 years. Someone mentioned "division of assets" as a possible solution. Can you share information about that?
April 2012
QUESTION: Thank you for sharing information about the Kansas Medicaid reform initiative, as profiled in your January column. At the conclusion of that column, you indicated that more would be communicated about this new "KanCare" system. Do we know any more about how KanCare will address client needs and services? March 2012
QUESTION: Can you tell me how Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) are organized nationally and explain their diverse community roles? Is the name "AAA" associated with organizations throughout the United States?
February 2012
QUESTION: I have been noticing a lot of news about Kansas Medicaid reform recently. I'm not sure what all this involves, or how Kansas residents will be affected by the changes. Can you shed some light for me? January 2012
QUESTION: I find some aspects of the Medicare system complex and confusing. And sometimes I don't agree with the quality or appropriateness of the care I have received or been denied through Medicare delivery. What is in place for Kansas residents to channel their concerns and disagreements concerning Medicare?
December 2011
QUESTION: On Sept. 14, the Johnson County Area Agency on Aging (AAA) hosted its annual legislative breakfast. Which Kansas legislators attended? November 2011
QUESTION: I am lost in a "Medicare maze"! The complexities and choices seem confusing to me, and I feel overwhelmed. I need help understanding benefits, options, plan particulars, and enrollment. A friend mentioned that the Johnson County Area Agency on Aging offers insurance counseling through a program called SHICK. Can you explain what is offered and how I can connect with the program?
October 2011
QUESTION: My mother's physician told our family that my mother is going to require long-term care placement in a nursing facility. I need to arrange for an assessment called a CARE screening. Exactly what is that, and how can I arrange for it? September 2011
QUESTION: I have noticed a number of articles recently in newspapers and periodicals, as well items in electronic media, confirming that criminals steal billions of dollars from government and private health insurance programs. Can you tell me what is being done to help prevent fraud and abuse in the Medicare program?
August 2011
QUESTION: I am selecting Medicare supplement insurance and possibly purchasing long-term care insurance. Can you recommend some publications to help me understand my choices and point me to some personal assistance with these important decisions? July 2011
QUESTION: I am very concerned about a neighbor. I believe she may be the victim of elder abuse by a daughter-in-law. The situation seems to be escalating, and I am not sure how to report this.
June 2011
QUESTION: I am familiar with the excellent resources and programs available through the Johnson County Area Agency on Aging. I have several elder friends and relatives out of state, and I don't know how to locate similar resources for them in their areas. Can you help? April 2011
QUESTION: I live on a very limited income. I own my home, but it has become difficult for me to pay my property taxes. A friend told me about a property tax refund program for seniors administered by the Kansas Department of Revenue. February 2011
QUESTION: I am caring for my mother in my home, but I work full time. I've heard about facilities that provide something called "adult day care," where I could safely leave her when I'm on the job—but I'm not familiar with the type of care they provide and how to locate one. Can you help me? January 2011
QUESTION: I would like to know more about the public-policy goals being advocated by the Kansas Area Agencies on Aging Association, or K4A, which represents the 11 Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) in Kansas.

I know that K4A represents the AAAs, which coordinate services, information, case management, and numerous other services for seniors statewide. What is K4A currently doing to advocate for critical senior services in Kansas during a time when funding cuts are such a challenge?

December 2010
QUESTION: I was told by a family member that I should consider putting in place advance directives to protect my decisions about health care in the future. Can you tell me what advance directives are? November 2010
QUESTION: I know that the Older Americans Act of 1965 was responsible for the establishment of a national network of federal, state, and local agencies to plan and provide services to enable the elderly to maintain independence in their homes and community. I would like to know more about the act and the role the Johnson County Area Agency on Aging (AAA) plays in carrying out its work.
October 2010
QUESTION: I recently heard a radio spot and saw a newspaper ad about caregiving assistance available statewide. The organization was called the Kansas Area Agencies on Aging Association. The emphasis of the broadcast an d print ad was to let people know where they can get information about caregiving services. Does this organization represent the Johnson County Area Agency on Aging? September 2010
QUESTION: I am concerned about a family member's ability to drive safely. How should I approach this issue? August 2010
Question: It seems I am always needing an answer, a resource, or some special help concerning aspects of aging. Sometimes I just need a difficult-to-locate phone number, other times I need direction on a pressing issue. Where can I call for help? July 2010