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Taxpayer check-off makes it easy to help Meals on Wheels

The 2010 individual income tax form again allows for donations to the Senior Citizen Meals on Wheels Contribution Program. If you donate to the fund, 100 percent of your contribution will go to local programs serving in-home meals to home-bound seniors and people with disabilities.

The check-off program is an efficient, convenient way to make a difference in the lives of Kansas seniors. Each year this program helps to fund meals for vulnerable seniors throughout the state, and makes a significant difference in their lives, their health, and their ability to remain independent in their own homes.

The Senior Citizen Meals on Wheels Contribution Program is a fund that the Kansas Legislature created in 2002, allowing taxpayers to make a donation to support home-delivered meals. The program is a channel for people who want to support food programs for seniors but perhaps can't participate in ways such as meal delivery. The intent of the fund is to supplement nutrition services for the elderly and people with disabilities in the community, making it possible for them to live independently in their homes as long as possible. The personal contact with meal volunteers is helpful to the seniors' well-being, and the delivery process is a way to learn of clients' changing needs or of emergencies.

If you will receive a state refund this year, indicate on line 37 (Senior Citizen Meals on Wheels Contribution Program) of the tax form the amount you wish to donate. You may contribute $1 or more, a portion of your refund, or all of your refund to the Meals on Wheels fund.

If you owe state taxes, indicate the amount you wish to donate in the designated space and write a check for the tax balance plus the amount contributed to Meals on Wheels.

Information about filing your Kansas individual income tax return electronically is available through the Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR) at Filing your Kansas individual income tax return electronically is typically more accurate and faster to process than paper filing, and costs less. Submitting your information electronically is safe. If you choose direct deposit for your refund, you can expect a refund in as few as five days.

If you plan to file electronically but would like a paper form and instructions to start with, consider using the sample forms contained in the instruction booklets on the KDOR Web site. This will reduce costs in providing forms to you that will not be filed. For sample forms and instructions for the K-40 (Kansas Individual Income Tax or Food Sales Tax Refund), visit (click on "Forms and Publications").

If you use paper to file your Kansas return, you may obtain a KDOR-printed scannable form by e-mailing KDOR at or calling 785-296-4937. Allow two weeks for delivery. If your paper form is complete and accurate when mailed, allow 12 to 16 weeks for processing.
For more information about the Senior Citizen Meals on Wheels Contribution Program, call Aging Information at the Johnson County Area Agency on Aging, 913-715-8861.