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The Best Times is a publication of Johnson County (Kansas) Government. It is sustained through advertising and is not published at taxpayer expense. If you value the mission of The Best Times and wish to support it with a contribution, please send a check made out to "The Best Times" to:
The Best Times
111 S. Cherry St., Suite 3300
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To suggest a story idea

The Best Times stays in tune with the Johnson County senior community in large part because its readers are so engaged, providing news and feature tips and leads. To suggest a story idea: Who's Cool, What's New?
(Please do NOT write to promote a business!)


To submit for publication

If you would like to submit something for publication, please contact the editor, Nancy Mays: email  (preferred) or phone 913-715-0730. Describe the nature of your submission (essay, profile of a resident, profile of an organization/service, etc.) and how you think it fits into the mission of The Best Times in serving Johnson County senior adults.

The editor will let you know whether the proposed piece is a good fit and ensure that it hasn’t already been covered in The Best Times. If the piece is accepted, you will be given a word count. You’ll be asked to email the piece, preferably as a Word attachment, to

Many articles are more dynamic with a photograph. Digital photos by email are preferred, but photos on film can be scanned and returned. They should be mailed to: Editor, The Best Times, 111 S. Cherry St., Suite 3300, Olathe, KS 66061.

The Best Times has a limited budget for purchasing freelance work. Most profiles or essays receive $80 and most poems $45. A higher rate is occasionally paid for an article that requires multiple sources and extensive interviews. You will be asked to submit a W-9 form (which will be mailed to you) in order that we may generate an invoice for your work. You will not receive a 1099.