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From Pat Schroeder June 2013
From Lynwood Yarbrough June 2013
From Larry Staples June 2013
From Harold Greene April 2013
From Jim Elliot April 2013
From Kenneth McGee March 2013
From Norman and Carolyn Holle, Alan Olsen August 2012
From Bob Del Popolo August 2012
From Larry Huff February 2012
From Jay Cooper December 2011
From Gordon Henke December 2011
From Dwane Wills November 2011
From Helen McCracken October 2011
From Richard Crump September 2011
From George Dunmore September 2011
From Sam Bradley September 2011
From Marjorie Rees September 2011
From Frank Strada August 2011
From Marvin Goodman July 2011
From Dwane Wills June 2011
From Margaret Doerflinger June 2011
From Tom Laisure April 2011
From Ross Murphy April 2011
From Jerry Wolfskill March 2011
From Charles M. Savell March 2011
From Ross Murphy March 2011
From Gary E. Kahmann March 2011
From Dwane Wills February 2011
From Elinor Swartz January 2011
From Peg Nichols January 2011
From Evelyn S. Bowman December 2010
From Evan Ash September 2010
From Frank Strada September 2010