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Letter to the editor

Dear Editor:
I am writing to thank you for informing me about the senior men's basketball program that is played at the Lenexa Community Center every week. One of the players, Bill Park, had written a short article that appeared in The Best Times several months ago.

Having been a recent retiree and a former college basketball player, I have been very fortunate to play with such a fine group of men. We enjoy each other's company and the exercise that we have as a result of our playing basketball together.

While I am not the player I once was, I have managed to lose over 30 pounds since starting to work out with this group. I have come to realize that exercise is the "elixir of life." I have more energy and my outlook on life is much better with exercise. The Lenexa Community Center is very accommodating to us and provides an excellent place for us to play.

Thank you again for your work to keep us seniors informed about life-improving opportunities in our community.

With kindest regards,
Charles M. Savell, DVM, MBA—Overland Park