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TAP Program June 2013
Cliff Alfrey June 2013
Rick Staples May 2013
Linda Dorzab April 2013
Ed Robertson March 2013
Carla Hanson February 2013
Anne Debus January 2013
Rich Maxwell December 2012
Riea Manning November 2012
Bob Heidenburg October 2012
Virginia Kahn September 2012
Johnson County Hams August 2012
Cowboy Action Shooting July 2012
Peace Corps volunteers June 2012
Norman Holle & Alan Olsen May 2012
Mike Katzman April 2012
Ron Rutkowski March 2012
Steve Nicely February 2012
That old steel-road spirit January 2012
Bob Londerholm December 2011
Homage to Beloved Heroes November 2011
Gabriel and Tere Reyes October 2011
Steve Boda September 2011
Dottie Pope & Don Holm August 2011
Seniors and Bikes: Barbara Bartocci & Marlene DeBruyn July 2011
Love & literature: Wyatt & Roderick Townley June 2011
Master Food Volunteers May 2011
Frank Neff: Socially engaged--and engaging April 2011
Prefer two wheels? Maybe you're a ROMEO! March 2011
Hayward Spears Sr.: Pit turns a profit, popular business is born February 2011
Claude and Inez Harkins: Early America through art and artifacts January 2011
Don Carlton & Doonesbury: Inking the story of a generation December 2010
Women at War: Four Stories November 2010
Vern Otte: Leawood to Alaska, he's man's best friend's best friend October 2010
Roger Peugeot: Plumbing the depths of customer service September 2010
Beck Schubert: A spirit-centered presence in death and dying August 2010
Carolyn Bowles and Marilyn Wear: For the "bag ladies," business is all about joy July 2010