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One woman's horseback journey through Middle America July 2013
Two pursue roles as home funeral guides June 2013
John Curry June 2013
Max DeWeese May 2013
Love after sorrow March 2013
Faith, friendship & fishing: Glenn's story February 2013
Ideal Homemakers Unit February 2013
David Perryman January 2013
David Lindstrom January 2013
The Early Birds January 2013
Their music takes you back December 2012
Mary Lynn Swafford December 2012
David Barclay December 2012
Imogene Warren November 2012
Mary Tearney November 2012
Justin Orr October 2012
The Little Big Band October 2012
Jim Owens September 2012
Ada Mae Hames September 2012
Eugene Bortnick August 2012
Rosalea Snow August 2012
Ann Arnott July 2012
Wallbangers June 2012
Harold Bert June 2012
Irene Hill June 2012
Terry Love May 2012
Book lovers Shirley Brower & Matt Delaney May 2012
Rolland Love April 2012
Inge Huston April 2012
Jack Miller March 2012
Gennie Nickels February 2012
Maryellen Munger February 2012
Fred Farris February 2012
Barb Allison January 2012
Joe Papst December 2011
Esther Kreek December 2011
Pat Paton November 2011
John Hember November 2011
Carolyn Hanson November 2011
Great things to do November 2011
Pen friends for a half-century November 2011
Billy James McDowell October 2011
Charles Hammer October 2011
Richard Wagner October 2011
Sunie's_story October 2011
Tangled up in tennis October 2011
Craig Dillavou October 2011
Elizabeth Ann Sanders October 2011
The Whites of White Haven September 2011
J.P. Lefmann September 2011
Sam Montague August 2011
Rita Shelton August 2011
Norm Ledgin July 2011
Marjorie Blank July 2011
Donna Lauffer June 2011
Lions Club: Neal & Beverly Nichols June 2011
Daughters' Day: A conversation with a father-author June 2011
Joe Cox June 2011
Marjorie Rees June 2011
Bob & Petra Allen May 2011
Illusionist captivates all who gather 'round April 2011
Nancy Kastman-Scott: Turning memories into words March 2011
Partners in life and in volunteering March 2011
Ruth Sadasivan: Zing go the strings of her heart March 2011
Lewis Hudson: Expert Bernina mechanic with heart March 2011
Myra Jenks: Unwavering WAC, ceaseless community supporter February 2011
Pearl Harbor revisited: Survivor returns to scene of nation's turning point February 2011
At 108, sports fan mesmerizes visitors January 2011
Elaine Giessel, 'garbage queen' January 2011
Kitty City Kansas Rescue: Woman's nonprofit provides a reprieve January 2011
After public glory, the pleasures of home:
David and Julie Eisenhower recall life with 'Granddad' part 2
December 2010
A life of providing enlightenment December 2010
Royal greeting marks centennial birthday November 2010
Nancy Petersen: A lifetime of foster mothering November 2010
After public glory, the pleasures of home
David and Julie Eisenhower recall life with 'Granddad' part 1
November 2010
Chosin survivor devotes life to emotional healing November 2010
Ethel Holt: Making tax season a pleasure October 2010
Understanding and acceptance help family cope with memory loss October 2010
Jim and Judy Smith: joined at the heart October 2010
Lorraine Shearer: Crafting stories and poems from a colorful life October 2010
The 'Over the Pill Gang': Childhood bonds remain treasures September 2010
Myrna Stringer: A role model for activism September 2010
Kate Cefolia Miller: A plan for living with pizzazz September 2010
Family, friends, and faith provide strength September 2010
Bill Davis: A flight to yesterday September 2010
Ben Farney: Leaving the bench and a life of constructive judgment September 2010
De Soto's Michael Ash: eclectic and ever-energized August 2010
For new sweethearts, late love brings a new chapter August 2010
Passages author Gail Sheehy offers counsel on caregiving July 2010
For black belt, exercise is one of life's necessities July 2010
If it ain't broke, don't take it to Paul Morphy July 2010
Memories remain vivid as resident approaches century milestone July 2010